New Borderlands 3 Update Adds New Endgame Content, Increased Bank Storage And Massive Vault Hunter Buffs

A new update for Borderlands 3 has just dropped. This brings not only new content but a slew of balance changes (including much-needed buffs) and bug fixes.

The big new content is Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. Takedown is balanced for four players with level 50 characters, so this is one is firmly reserved as endgame content, like a raid.

Unlike the mini-dungeon runs Proving Grounds, Takedown has no respawns- if you didn’t get a second wind you will respawn on the spectator area. But you can join again halfway through, after defeating the Valkyrie Squad. The final half includes a boss battle with Wotan The Invincible. Even if you die during the boss fight, and respawn in the spectator area, you still can get the drops if Wotan is defeated.

There is also a new, harder Mayhem Mode (mutators), Mayhem 4. Not only is the drop rate for loot increases, it also has the chance to drop new legendaries.

Bosses also get an update to their loot pool, with more Legendary gear being included so there’s a way to purposefully farm for them.

Gearbox also addressed the issue of low bank storage. The maximum storage of 50 now increases to 300. All characters now start with 20 slots instead of 10, and there are now 10 more SDU upgrades that adds 20 slots per upgrade. A test dummy at the shooting range in Sanctuary III, and more vending machines at various levels have been added.

As for character balances, Gearbox has now buffed Moze’s Iron Bear mech and Fl4k’s pets so their damage output scales better. Zane also has a few kill skills that can double-stack.

The UI, especially when accessing the bank, should perform much better now. A list of all the specific balance changes and bug fixes can be found here.

These changes should keep players in the endgame more reason to play, and keep busy until the first DLC campaign, Moxxi’s Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot arrives in a few weeks.

Borderlands 3 is good, by the way. Check out our review here.



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