Need For Speed Heat’s Open World Map Looks Like Its The Best It’s Ever Been

Need For Speed Heat is getting closer to release and the latest entry to the longest-running racing game franchise has a lot to prove. But so far it seems promising. And the latest reveal by Ghost Games is the game’s open-world map.

The latest Under The Hood blog post has a bold title: “Our Best World”. This bold claim follows a long explanation of how the open-world map is designed and made. The choice for a Miami-influenced setting was a mix of wanting to capture Need For Speed Underground and Most Wanted (2005) vibes (urban culture, night neons), and wanting a fresh but feels familiar to NFS fans.

Though the world won’t be all flat like the real Florida. The Blue Ridge Mountains from neighbouring state Georgia was also the inspiration for the more hillside areas. From a glance of the full map, there are a quite a few squiggly lines ripe for drifting up and down hills.

The post also reveals that the world is designed with the race routes first. Then the developers add sceneries and landmarks around it. There is an improved flow to the roads. Blind corners are gone, you won’t go to a full stop if you hit at the objects on the roadside, and run-off areas where you might have to go should you get a corner wrong will have plenty of destructible objects. So at least it’s a bit fun if you mess up.

Considerations of police chases- the big returning feature- is also placed when designing the world. Roads are denser- the city section has more roads and intersections than ever.

Collectibles also get a few minor tweaks. The collectible count are now split into regions, with vanity items and decals being rewarded for collecting them all in a region. Collecting it all will net you a special edition car. Collectible placements, like billboards, ramps, neon signs and graffiti art, will now be placed sensibly. Though some are still tricky to hit, though you would still spot them easily.

Lastly, Need For Speed Heat will have more open spaces suited for players in mulitplayer to hang about including a container area in the industrial zone, a complex of warehouses near a rocket launch site and even an oval track next to the safe house, so you can test out your car builds immediately.

Here’s the full map of Palm City:

Need For Speed 2015 has some questionable road layouts. And Payback showed some improvements. So it looks like Need For Speed Heat is taking more notes from great open-world racers like Burnout Paradise and the Forza Horizon series. Just looking at the map layout alone suggests that it might be the best it’s ever been for NFS.

But we will find out for sure if it’s real or just hype. Need For Speed Heat arrives on November 8th.

Source: Need For Speed

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