Mobile Idle Card Game DC Worlds Collide Now Available in Southeast Asia

Nuverse has announced the release of its idle card game DC Worlds Collide in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore beginning today.

The mobile game features the cast of DC superheroes and supervillains in a new story. The idle battler requires you to build your dream team of superheroes and supervillains, forming strategies and make use of hero ultimates to win matches.

The Southeast Asia release coincides with a new update which adds Martian Manhunter into the fray. There’s also the threat of Darkseid and his team, which requires you to team up with friends to take them down. The same update also adds a new storyline.

New players will receive a special in-game gift box to celebrate the launch and the new update release.

DC Worlds Collide is out now on iOS and Android.

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