Mobile Battle Royale Looter-Shooter Badlanders Now Available In Southeast Asia

NetEase Games announced the release of Badlanders, a new free-to-play mobile game that is being touted as a looter-shooter.

Sort of. Badlanders is still built on the foundations of a battle royale, a very popular genre in the mobile/free-to-play space. Last person standing wins. But Badlanders brings a looter-shooter twist. Not only you can collect rare gear, but you can also decide to escape the map with all that good loot.

Interestingly, you can offload all that good loot in an auction house (all using in-game currency). And then use that money to buy other good weapons to give you an advantage on the battle royale.

The sort-of looter-shooter angle of Badlanders gives players the ability to create different builds, using the many different weapons and accessories to accommodate different playstyles.

Badlander’s take on a looter-shooter is intriguing, as most console/PC looter-shooters don’t make use of its loot for a battle royale gameplay, and Badlanders isn’t offering a campaign to grind and see the stat numbers ticking up and up. Still, it’s fascinating to see mobile battle royales are also innovating in their own way.

Badlanders is now available on iOS and Android in Southeast Asia.

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