MDickie’s Janky But Brilliant Wresting Game Wrestling Empire Now Available On PC

One-man indie developer MDickie has made a bunch of games over the years that might not be on a mainstream video game player’s radar, but they are ridiculously popular among mobile gamers. Underneath its janky visuals are actually brilliant sims with working systems and mechanics.

One of MDickie’s more popular games, Wrestling Revolution 3D, has now gotten a visual upgrade in the form of Wrestling Empire, and following its first release on Nintendo Switch, has now been made available on PC via Steam.

Wrestling Empire lets you create your own wrestling hero and have them go on a career. Things like negotiating contracts, having execs decide on how you look and named, making partners or rivals among the other wrestlers and switching promotions are just the small number of things you can do in this world simulation.

Plus, the world isn’t just revolving around you, other wrestlers also get caught up in events that are summarised in weekly news reports.

Other than that, you can create wild matches where you can place as many characters and props as you want.

Wrestling Empire may not look as flashy and realistic as the big-budget licenced games, but there’s definitely good sim and management mechanics that put the big leagues to shame. And it’s cheap (the Steam release is priced at RM39) and should be able to run on even the most potatoes of PCs. And also available on mobile devices.

Wrestling Empire is still being worked on, with a new booking mode feature being teased where you can have your wrestling promotion tour the world.

Wrestling Empire is out now on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch. iOS and Android.

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