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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s New Expansion Adds Donkey Kong, Rabbid Cranky Kong And New Zones


Want more content out of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the most ambitious crossover event in Nintendo’s history? Okay, ambitious is a bit overselling it, but no one expect it to come and be this good.

Anyway, a new expansion, called Donkey Kong’s Adventure is coming out next month which will feature new zones to explore based on the ape with the red tie. Donkey will also appear as a playable character alongside Rabbid Cranky Kong plus mainstay Rabbid Peach from the original campaign. Expect more puzzles to solve in the overworld and more turn-based strategy goodness.

Here’s some gameplay highlights alongside an interview with the developer on how they brought Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky Kong alive into the game.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Donkey Kong Adventure DLC will be out on June for Nintendo Switch. It is sold seperately as DLC and also part of the Season Pass.

Via Eurogamer