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Malaysian Dota 2 Player Ohaiyo Joins LGD Forever Young


Malaysian top Dota 2 player Ohaiyo found himself in a tricky spot as he had to depart from Fnatic, a team he has been with for over two and a half years, but the timing was not in his favour. He posted on Facebook about how he felt of the departure.

Thankfully, that should be a thing of the past now that he has found a new team, LGD Forever Young. Chinese-based LFY finished third last year in The International and the run was filled with incredible plays including one by Malaysian player Ahfu, who remains with the roster.

The three slots in the LFY roster also see some changes during the winter shuffle. Super And Yao enters the roster, filling the mid and carry roles respectively, with Monet completing the lineup as support alongside Ahfu.

“Although I will no longer play with Fnatic, I still wish the team all the best of the future, ” said Ohaiyo on his final remarks with his former team. “Thank you for the past two and a half years, always giving us so much support and energy. Good luck!”

No love lost it seems. Best of luck to Ohaiyo with the new LFY squad.