Here’s A Look At The Final Civilization VI New Frontier Pass DLC: Portugal

The one last DLC civ for the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass has been revealed last week: it’s Portugal. And now we have the usual First Look video detailing their abilities.

Portugal is very skewered towards naval play thanks to its restrictions and bonuses that encourage you to explore the seas. Portugal’s unique ability in Civ VI, Casa Da Índia, increases yields from international trade routes. But international trade routes can only be to cities built on a coast, or has a harbour district.

Portugal’s unique unit is a Caravel replacement, the Nau. It’s cheaper to maintain (less gold per turn), has a free promotion, and has two charges to build Feitorias. These are unique improvements that can only be build in international territories adjacent to a luxury or bonus resource. Any trade route to a city with a Feitoras gets bonus gold and production.

That’s not all, Portugal also has access to the Navigation School, a University replacement. Not only does it boost naval unit production in the city it is built, the Navigation School also gets science yield bonuses from every coastal or lake tiles within city borders (not just mountains and rainforests as a normal university building would). And it also grants additional Great Admiral Points.

Finally, we have the Portugal civ’s new leader – João III of Portugal. He was King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1521 to 1556, which see Portugal expanded its trade network across the globe. Which makes him known as “the Colonizer”.

His unique ability, Porta Do Cerco, grants all unit additional sight. And you can get more trade route capacity as Portugal meets new civs. And city-states will open their borders with Portugal by default.

All these abilities makes Portugal the strongest when their cities are at the coasts and have allies with many other civs. They can be an economic powerhouse, or make use of the science boom when they unlock Navigation School to their advantage for a science victory.

Portugal is part of the Portugal DLC Pack, which also includes a Zombie Defense mode. The Portugal DLC Pack is the final of six DLC packs in the New Frontier Pass to be released. It will be available on March 26 and is priced at RM22, or available as part of the New Frontier Pass for RM129.

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