Live A Live Demo Now Live, Progress Will Carry Over To Live Game

During the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini, Square Enix announced the demo for Live A Live has gone live.

The demo will include the first three chapters of seven: “Twilight of Edo Japan”, “Imperial China” and “The Distant Future”.

Interesting note, you can play the scenarios in parallel. So you can hop between the chapters at any time, and progress is saved should you do so.

Progress made from the demo can be carried over to the main game, once it has gone live and is available for purchase.

Live A Live is a remaster (though Square Enix refers it as a “re-imagination”) of the 1994 SNES JRPG of the same name that had previously never been released outside Japan.

The remaster will incorporate the HD-2D look as seen in Square Enix’s other pixel art games like Octopath Traveller and Triangle Strategy, where the world uses CG but the characters maintain that sharp, pixel-y look like classic JRPGs of yesteryears.

The new art is being led by Naoki Ikushima (who worked on Octopath Traveller). Original composer Yoko Shimomura is involved in supervising the musical arrangements and Takashi Tokita, the original game director, returns acting as producer for the new release.

Live A Live includes seven stories spanning seven (or more?) different time periods, protagonists and even different gameplay variations. And you are given the freedom to play them in any order.

Live A Live will be available on July 22 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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