Life Sim Game Life By You Enters Early Access This September

Life By You, Paradox Interactive’s answer to The Sims developed by Paradox Tectonic, gets a proper announce trailer reveal today.

Paradox Tectonic is led by Rod Humble, who once served as the lead on The Sims franchise whilst he was at EA up to The Sims 3.

The new trailer gives a more comprehensive look at what to expect from this life sim game and feature-wise, it’s ambitious. It has an open world with no loading screens ala The Sims 3, furniture and clothing can be recoloured with a colour wheel, mod support from the get-go that lets players create conversations, events, items, shops, objects, collectibles, mods, careers, quests, scripts, gameplay, recipes, skills, traits, crafting and more.

Also, washing machines are already in the base game.

And no, Life By You won’t use made-up gibberish language. The humans, as the characters are referred to, speak real language.

Not only can you control characters from up above, but you can also directly assume control of them and play from the third-person perspective as well. Oh and the whole open world is editable as well.

Feature-wise, it has loads of stuff that will make players excited. But the way it looks? It’s a little bit rough right now, and really devoid of any charm. Let’s see if the gameplay system is robust enough to make this a non-point. It happened before when Cities Skylines usurp SimCity as the de-factor city-builder game of today.

Life By You will be released in Early Access on September 12 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Early Access should allow fans and players to help shape the course of Life By You’s development by incorporating player feedback, or in other words, by you.

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