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Korea Coming To Civilization VI: Rise And Fall


A familiar civ will make its appearance in the upcoming Rise And Fall expansion for Civilization VI. Korea first appeared in Civilization V as a DLC, and their playstyle focusing on a strong science output with a strong army.

This time Korea is led by Queen Seondok of Silla, the first reigning queen of the region now known as Korea. There were revolts during her rule in history but she managed to quell them, fitting considering Rise and Fall will bring in city loyalty as game mechanic.

Korea’s unique district, the Seowon replaces the campus for science production. It is a bit limited that it can only be built in hills and its science yield has a fix amount. It further reduces the yield should there be surrounding districts, something we have yet to see implemented in the other civs available so far.

Instead, Korea’s unique ability, Three Kingdoms, encourages you to build farms and mines around the Seowon, which will get bonus food and science respectively. Seondok’s unique ability, Hwarang, will give extra science and culture production in cities with a governor installed whereas the Hwatcha is a strong Middle Ages siege unit.

Korea is set to be another science powerhouse when they appear in Civilization VI: Rise And Fall, coming in February 8 on the PC.