Just Cause 3 Now Has A Multiplayer Mod, Currently In Beta

Why play Just Cause, the action game where you could surf on cars, hook to a helicopter and hijack it, blow up an enemy base and parachute off somewhere else to do more mayhem, in multiplayer? Just (be)cause. Just Cause 2 has a multiplayer mod that just multiplies the amount of mayhem you could do in the game. It proved to be very popular that developers Avalanche Studios give their blessing and the mod clients are part of the package when you buy Just Cause 2 on Steam.

Now it’s time for the 2015 sequel to receive the multiplayer treatment, courtesy of a dedicated mod team.

There were actually two different teams that were working on a multiplayer mod. The team behind Just Cause 2’s Multiplayer mod, simply named Just Cause Multiplayer, had to abandon their project after its lead developer got hired to work for Avalanche. The other team, Nanos, is the one producing this mod that is currently in beta.

So what could you do in the multiplayer mod? Create more chaos. You could play competitively or cooperatively in a variety of game modes with hundreds of other players in the same servers. Better yet, server owners could even make their own game modes.

Check out the trailer below:

Of course, you need to have Just Cause 3 on PC (with a Steam account) to get this running, with a possible Steam release once it’s out of beta. You can download the client here. Should any problems arise, you can consult the FAQ and the Nanos forum for assistance.

It’s good seeing mods like this getting created. Seeing that the developers have yet to implement them themselves, might as well let the mod community do it then. However just the cause is, we hope the mod team gets something back either from the community or the developers should the mod be successful.

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