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Holiday Hoarders, The Festive Limited Time Event From Hitman 2016, Returns To Hitman 2

Ho ho ho *throws deadly candy cane-patterened crowbar to a naughty boy and kills him*


Hitman 2 is getting a seasonal event. Teased in the month’s update roadmap, the Holiday Hoarders limited-time event returns from Hitman 2016.

This takes place in the fashion show level of Paris, but all spruced up with seasonal decorations. Everyone who owns Hitman 2 can get access it within the game, even if you do not own the Legacy Pack that is required to play the normal Paris level. It is also available as a separate, free download too, for those that do own the game.

The mission involves killing two thieves. Given the many systems and mechanics of killing can involve setting traps, thinking of it as deadly Home Alone.

Hitman 2016 veterans have sounded their disappointment because it’s the same event again, which is understandable. Though there are some tweaks. All of the new Hitman 2 mechanics will give some subtle changes. And there’s also two new weapons that can be found including an Explosive Snowball and a Holiday Shuriken.

Completing all the ‘Secret Santa’ Challenge Pack and you get to keep the Santa 47 suit for use in other modes outside of the event. The event begins today until January 8th.

With Hitman 2, developers IO Interactive “executed their initial plans for a new Hitman game perfectly“. If you have not gave the game a shot, this is a cool piece of free content that you can try out.

Source: IO Interactive