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More Free Content For Hitman 2 Outlined For December, Including A Limited-Time Holiday Event


Murder simulator Hitman 2 is out now. If you feel like you need more extra content to motivate you into revisiting the new 5+1 maps again, then don’t worry. Developers IO Interactive has outlined what’s coming in December.

On December 6th, there will be 5 Featured Contracts in Contracts Mode. These are user-created challenges, but the 5 are curated by IO themselves with the theme of “Occupational Hazards”. Safety First.

On December 13th comes the second Escalation Contract. Escalation mode is a series of assassinations that will keep on adding more targets as you go, making for some complicated circumstances to test your Hitman skills. The game launched with none, and the first in Santa Fortuna has launched this week. The upcoming one, The Aelwin Augment, will take place on the Isle Of Sgail.

December 18th will be the launch of a limited-time holiday event. Back in Hitman 2016, there was a new mission added with a Christmas theme and Agent 47 can dress up as Santa Claus. We will have to see what this event will entail.

The next Elusive Target after Sean Bean’s The Undying will start on December 21st. Codenamed The Revolutionary, it will be on Santa Fortuna, so get prepping.

Lastly, another Escalation for Santa Fortuna, The Turms Infatuation, will be added on December 29th.

Our review of Hitman 2 calls it “the best game where you can throw a fish at someone’s face”.

Source: IO Interactive