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Hokuto Ga Gotoku, The Fist Of The North Star-Yakuza Crossover, Has A Release Date In Japan


Sega’s Yakuza Studio recently announced a slew of upcoming Yakuza games coming soon last month. But we did not expect one of them to come so soon.

Hokuto Ga Gotoku will see the cast of Yakuza characters playing in various roles of the Fist Of The North Star characters in addition to all-new characters being shown in a new trailer, part of Sony’s press conference for Tokyo Game Show 2017.

The action brawler will be out for Japan in February 22nd. While there is no confirmation of an English release, there was a survey by Sega to gauge interest for this game, as well as the two other Yakuza game announced recently.

Hopefully there’s enough interest from outside of Japan to warrant this an English release.