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Hitman 2 Roadmap Outlines Upcoming Content For 2019, Including New Levels For Season Pass Owners


Hitman 2 continues to receive content updates, both for free and for Season Pass owners, throughout 2019. IO Interactive has decided to share the roadmap of what to expect throughout the year.

While they have been doing something similar on a monthly basis, this gives a broader look at the upcoming new content that will keep Agent 47 busy this year.

It looks like we can expect the first full level locked for Expansion Pack 1 (or the Silver Edition of the game), set in a bank, to arrive this summer. Alongside that, two “Special Assignments” will also arrive, again exclusive for the Expansion Pass owners. The first Expansion Pack 1 content, the sniper map Hantu Port, is live now.

Though in fall, sometime after September, all the extra content is for those that owned the Expansion Pass (which contains Expansion Pack 1 and 2, or Gold Edition of the game). This will add one other Sniper map simply called The Prison for now, and a new map set in a resort. Two Special Assignments will also be made available.

As for free content for all, expect Mumbai to be the third playable map in the multiplayer Ghost Mode in fall as the second map Santa Fortuna is rolling out this month. There will be more seasonal events, including one for Halloween, and a few new outfits and gear to unlock too.

Source: IO Interactive