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Hitman 2 Adds Singapore As New Sniper Assassin Mode Map For Expansion Pack 1 Owners

It literally means Ghost Port


Hitman 2 is getting some new content as DLC for those that paid for Expansion Pack 1 or the Expansion Pass (season pass) which will include Expansion 1 and 2.

Before this, developers IO Interactive have released a few cosmetics, but this one is a bit more substantial addition.

Sniper Assassin mode, originally a pre-order bonus and now an extra mode for Hitman 2, gets a new map. It’s a container shipyard¬†in Singapore and it’s called Hantu Port. It literally means Ghost Port.

As natives of this part of the world, it sounds rather silly, in a good way.

In this level, you have to kill three members of the Heavenly Guard who has kidnapped Han Ldong and his wife. There is a new sniper rifle for use and more interesting discoveries by shooting the targets or objects at the right time. Just like the previous mode, co-op is also available.

This would be the second Southeast Asian country featured in the rebooted Hitman’s World Of Assinations, the first being the fancy hotel in Bangkok in Hitman 2016. We only mention this because in the original Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, there’s a three-level arc where Agent 47 infiltrates the twin towers in Malaysia.

Hantu Port will be available for Expansion Pass owners on March 26th.