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Hidden Agenda Is The First PlayLink Title To Release In Asia


Sony is branching out with new ways to play with PlayLink, using mobile devices as controllers for couch co-op games. Introduced at this year’s E3, it’s an idea that can work, as proven by the success of the Jackbox Party Pack series.

The first Playlink game to be launched in Asia is Hidden Agenda. From Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn, you will follow along a story of a serial killer from two perspectives- a cop and an attorney. Each decision the two characters make will influence the outcome of the story, including life and death to some extent.

The interesting hook is you can play this narrative experience with three other players. You only need one Dualshock 4 controller, and all of the game is played using your mobile device- either iOS or Android- as controllers. Now you can bicker with each other on what decisions the group should take.

To spice things up even more, the competitive mode adds a hidden agenda to one player where they must achieve certain goals- a way to ensure the group to discuss on decisions.

Hidden Agenda is only available digitally right now for only RM86. To play the game each player will need to download the companion available here for iOS  and here for Android.