Here’s Where To Watch The FIA Gran Turismo Championships Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Final Livestream

It all leads to this. After one year and three seasons of the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships, we are now at the Regional Finals leg. This competition is the entire foundation of Gran Turismo Sport, a racing game series acclaimed for its vast car collection and deep single-player experience, now focusing on building a competitive multiplayer platform.

For the Nations Cup in the Asia/Oceania region, 30 top drivers have been shortlisted. Unlike the Europe Middle East and Africa region which limits each country to have only three drivers, Asia/Oceania allocates 10 for Japan, another 10 for Australia and another 10 for the rest of the region. The remaining 10 drivers hail mostly from Hong Kong and New Zealand, with one sole representative from Taiwan.

Today, these 30 drivers will be battling for the top 10 spot in the main event tomorrow. Three separate races for each of the three blocks will be held. The top two from each automatically goes through the main event, the Regional Finals. Drivers finishing 9th and 10th will be eliminated. The remaining 18 drivers will then be divided into two groups to do another race. The top two drivers from each block, six in total, will then move on to the finals.

You can watch the World Finalist Selection Match here:

For tomorrow, the 10 remaining drivers will compete in three races with points on the line. The final race, a Gr.1 showdown on Fuji Speedway is worth double points.

You can watch the finals livestream here, set to be held tomorrow from the time this article goes live.

Gran Turismo has certainly stepped up its production values. If the two Gran Turismo World Tour events were any indication, the production, as well as the on-track action, will keep on getting better. It’s worth a watch if you are curious about esports motorsports.

(Spoiler: It’s exactly like motorsports)

Source: Gran Turismo


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