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The First Season Of The FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Sport Championships Now Live

Start your engines, and please, no punts


Gran Turismo Sport’s biggest selling point is that this new entry to the PS4-exclusive sim racer will focus on online racing, including championships certified by the international motorsports board, the FIA. Months has passed since the game first launched, where the the two main championships- the Nations Cup and and Manufactures Cup- were tested out. For about 24 weeks the series ran, with the developers Polyphony Digital tinkering and testing features before it’s ready for the real thing.

As announced in a new post at Playstation Blog, the FIA Gran Turismo Championships will begin its official season starting today. Again, the main championships is divided into two- Nations Cup and Manufacture Series. The latter being a championship where players can select which car manufacture they wish to represent. There will be three regions participating, The Americas, EMEA and Asia/Oceania.

This is a full-blown esports circuit, with the top players being able to qualify to the regional and then the world finals. For players in the EMEA region, the top players in participating countries (either in the Top 200 leaderboards for Nations Cup/ Manufactures or the top 10 racer in the country) can apply for a Star Player designation, which will appoint the “S” Driver Rating exclusive to them. (A recent patch changed the top ranking for all Driver Rating and Sportsmanship rating from “S” to “A+” to accommodate this.)

The Nations Cup will be an individual competition, with the top 10 players from each region except EMEA (which only takes top 3) will proceed to the regional finals, the top 10 from each region will then proceed to the World Finals.

The Manufacture Series is a bit complicated however. As each player can choose which marque they wish to drive for and represent, but 16 manufactures will qualify. This is based on points from their best performing driver for each region, a tally of three points represent the global ranking in which the top 16 will be picked. From there, the top driver of each qualifying manufacturer from each region will form a team of three drivers to compete for their chosen marque’s glory. Hopefully the Balance Of Performance will indeed provide each car equal power levels for fair competition.

Winners of both series will attend the FIA Gala dinner in December to receive their honours, alongside other champions of professional motorsports.

More details on the tournament structure can be found here.

The first online season kicks off today and will be held throughout the month. The second season will commence in July while the final season of the year will be held throughout August and September. Regional Finals will be held in October with the world finals to wrap things off set for November.

The Finals will be a live event, and there will be several other live events as part of the World Tour to be held around the world. The first of which happened last month at Nurburing, held alongside the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race.

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