Here’s What Will (And Will Not) Transfer Between PSO2 And Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting its biggest overhaul yet in the form of PSO2 New Genesis. It’s sort of a clean slate with many reworked systems, but PSO2 NGS will co-exist alongside the original PSO2. In fact, you can even switch between the two games in-game.

Still, the features that carry over from PSO2 and PSO2 NGS are very specific. And Sega has released the information of what will (and will not) transfer between PSO2 and PSO2 NGS when it launches worldwide later this year.

Here’s a summary of what will (and will not) transfer between PSO2 and PSO2 NGS:

Existing character race and name, face, hair and body settings can be transferred. PSO2 NGS doesn’t have a rigid gender system (progress!) but for the purpose of identification, PSO2’s male body type will be identified as Type 1 and females Type 2 in PSO2 NGS.

Weapons and units from PSO2 can transfer over to PSO2 NGS, but with stats and augments tweaked to be in-inline with PSO2 NGS’s new systems. For example, S-Grade Augments will be negated in PSO2 NGS. You cannot augment PSO2 weapons and units in PSO2 NGS.

Weapons with the max enhancement level of +35 and units with the max enhancement of +10 will be converted to +40, PSO2 NGS’s max enhancement level for both weapons and Armour.

Units will not be visible in PSO2 NGS, and will be applied as Armour in Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 slots.

Weapon and unit rarity from PSO2 will follow a new rarity rank when transferred to PSO2 NGS which are:

  • 1-6 Stars (PSO2) to 1 Star (NGS)
  • 7-12 Stars to 2 Stars
  • 13-14 Stars to 3 Stars
  • 15 Stars to 4 Stars

Weapons and units will retain their PSO2 stats once they return back from PSO2 NGS.

There will be a different Personal Shop system for PSO2 NGS items, separate from PSO2 Personal shops. PSO2 NGS uses N-Meseta instead of Meseta. A 10% Seller’s Fee is applied upon sale. PSO2 NGS won’t have direct trade.

Friend data, communication systems, and alliance will carry over.

There’s also a long list of systems and features that won’t carry over to PSO2 NGS, either because they do not exist, or NGS uses different gameplay systems. These include (but not limited to):

  • Character skill tree, learned PA and techniques
  • Partner cards
  • Auxillary
  • Palette configurations
  • Pets
  • Skill rings
  • PSO2 Quest progress and Client orders
  • Gathering system
  • Crafting system
  • Personal quarters
  • Collection folder

Long story short, the essential features you would want to keep and transfer PSO2 to PSO2 NGS (and the other way around) will be kept. And there’s a long list of asterisks with bringing your PSO2 gear into PSO2 NGS, but it’s possible to do so.

But if you have good gear in PSO2, they can boost you up in power in the short term until you get better ones in NGS.

For newer players, there’s nothing to worry about, though veterans should peruse the full list here and see all the nitty-gritty details of what exactly will and will not transfer between the two games.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will arrive this year in globally for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One.

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