Here’s An Educational Look At The Car Classes In Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is just two weeks away, and so the promotional hype has been in full force. A new video has been released breaking down the various car classes that the 150 cars will be grouped in the game. While the names of each grouping may sound generic, there are real-life inspirations behind them.

All production cars lie within the N class, but split across ten more groups based on horsepower. Group 4 cars are entry level racing cars based on the GT4 series, which also explains Group 3 (based on GT3 series). Group 1 cars are for prototype machines, such as cars that compete in the 24-hour Le Mans. The rally cars are in Group B, a nod to the Group B rally series notorious for its overpowered cars and the severe casualties it caused that led to its discontinuation.

Interestingly, several Vision Gran Turismo cars, those designed by brands for use within the game, will spread across the various groups should they fit the criteria. The more outlandish cars are placed in what is called Group X.

The video presentation is slick and educational, which is fitting for Gran Turismo. Did you know that wide body kits are made to accommodate wider tyres?

Gran Turismo Sport will be out exclusively on the PS4 on October 17, with a limited-time demo to be available next week.

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