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A Massive Demo For Gran Turismo Sport Is Available Next Week


You don’t get big demos like this that often. Gran Turismo Sport is finally coming out soon and Sony is offering a taste of all the new modes with a demo coming next weekend for Europe.

The demo includes access to the namesake Sport mode, a dedicated online racing mode, as well Arcade and a taste of Campaign mode- the new, shorter career progression.

The Scapes Photography and Custom Livery Editor modes will also be included. It will be the first time these features will be available in playable form to the public.

The demo is basically a taste of the full game, like what we have seen from games offering free weekends. In-game credits earned throughout the demo can be later transferred to the main game, at a cap of “$1MM”. Cars earned by completing daily challenges will be transferred as well.

The demo will be available from October 9-12, with pre-loads available as early October 7.

For now this only applies to Europe and North America. With Gran Turismo Sport’s release being so close now- October 17 to be precise- finger’s crossed this will be available worldwide as well.

UPDATE 4/10/17: Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) has confirmed to us that the demo will be available in Asia as well. The limited time demo will start on October 9 at 3PM local time (+8GMT) and will end on October 12 at 11PM. Pre-loading will be available on October 9 at 11AM.