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Here’s An Early Gameplay Look At Beyond Good And Evil 2


When Ubisoft revealed at last year’s E3 that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is actually a thing, it was a massive bombshell of hype. The sequel was on-and-off for quite some years, so to see it officially announced was sublime.

But then we discovered the development is still in really early stages.

Thankfully, the team led by Micheal Ansel is pretty open and willing to share whatever the development progress is at the time. Which leads us to the new early gameplay trailer.

The trailer shows some work with the staff combat has been underway, utilising performance capture for all the moves. Jetpacks and airships are all working, and you can board to another ship mid-flight. Beyond Good And Evil 2 will also support co-op and when flying together with friends, your ships will form an armada, flying together in sync as a pack.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is still early in development, so don’t expect to see on shelves soon. But it is getting there, for sure.