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Here Are The Spots In Malaysia Available In Gran Turismo Sport’s Photo Mode


Gran Turismo Sport will feature two kinds of photo mode: one for taking pictures from replays of races, and another called Scapes Photography. Scapes Photography allows you to take your collection of cars and place them in real-life locations. These locations are technically high-res pictures, but Gran Turismo Sport’s cars are so photogenic they just blend in.

This feature appeared as early as Gran Turismo 4 and it’s here again in GT Sport. And it has locations in Malaysia this time. Yes, more than one.

The picture with the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in the background made its appearance last year in a special reveal event, but after sifting through the demo, we found that there are a few more variants of the same location as well as the National Textile Museum (that looks like the Sultan Abdul Samad building) and a few locations in Melaka City, Melaka.

(Polyphony is spelling it as Malacca City, Melaka, which is technically correct. Though there has been recent efforts by the state government to phase out the Malacca spelling.)

To find them, enter Scapes mode, then go to all spots and from there, filter the list by country and select Malaysia.

Only four of these, all based on KLCC and thew Twin Towers, are accessible in the demo. The other locations will be available in the full game after downloading an extra free DLC.

The demo for Gran Turismo Sport is available now for a limited time. The full game will be out on October 17.

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