Here Are The Free Games For PS Plus Subscribers In March

Playstation Asia has announced the list of free games available to download for active PS Plus subscribers beginning March 3. Interestingly, we have different offerings from the US/EU regions, and could be arguably better.

PS4 has two indies again. “Indies again?” you might complain. Maybe you should read this article discussing about it.

Anyway, Broforce has been announced the winner of the latest Vote 2 Play campaign. Fitting enough for a game about ‘murica to win a spot democratically, making this the second game about democracy, following Helldivers last month (where you have to spread “managed democracy”). Thanks to all the voters who had done their responsibility as an active PS Plus subscriber. Joining Broforce is the excellent rouglike space-shooter Galak-Z. If you’re a fan of 80’s style anime, give it a spin. You’ll likely to dig its style. Also, make sure to play until Chapter 2 before writing it off as just another space shooter.

Other Vote 2 Play contenders Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus are 30% off exclusive to PS Plus subscribers as well. The offer ends on 23rd March so better decide before that if you are considering to drop in some money for them.

On the PS3 side we have The Last Guy and, surprisingly Beyond: Two Souls. Beyond is available in place of Super Stardust HD on other regions. On the Vita we have A Virus Named Tom, Muramasa Rebirth/Oboro Muramasa. It seems like the latter are the same games but of different language. All of these replaces Flame Over and Reality Fighters.

Here’s a trailer showing off a glimpse of all the games offered.

What do you think of March’s lineup? Is it a stronger offering than last month? Or are you still frustrated with too many indie games? Sound off in the comments below.

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