Heart & Slash Is An Indie Rougelike Character Action Game, Out Now

Imagine character action games like Devil May Cry, but has more choices of weapons and equipment but progress is reset after each death. That’s how indie game Heart & Slash in a nutshell. You control a robot named Heart as he traverse the colourful worlds that would look like a PS1 game in high resolution, picking up multiple equipment and upgrades along the way. Along with a charming soundtrack, this rougelike might be something worth checking out. Here’s the trailer:

 This is the first title from developers AHEARTFULOFGAMES, and the game was on Kickstarter and Early Access before it was released. It has some issues though, with bugs still apparent (though they are still actively being fixed) and if you’re not a fan of procedurally-generated levels, this can be a letdown. But at the right price, this could be an interesting gem. Plus, you can go here to try the game out on PC for 20 minutes.

Heart & Slash is available on Steam right now for RM31 and interestingly, also available on Asia’s Playstation Store. It is also available on the Xbox One.

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