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Have A Taste Of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite With Story Mode Demo Now Available


As Marvel VS Capcom Infinite inches closer to its September 19 release, we are getting more details of the new 2v2 fighting game mashup. Like most fighting games out now, Marvel Infinite will feature a story mode that see the two universes suddenly converging by the menacing combo of Ultron Sigma.

The heroes of Marvel and Capcom now have to band together to defeat this new threat by taking control of the Infinity Stones.

Here’s a new look of the story mode.

As revealed during the Sony E3 briefing, Marvel Infinite’s Story Mode is now available as a demo. It gives you a taste of the first 20 minutes with playable characters include Captain America, Thor, Chris Redfield, Arthur from Ghost & Goblins, Captain Marvel, Chun-Li, Megaman X, Nathan Spencer, Rocket Racoon and featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

A pretty sizeable list for the demo. The artstyle may not look as good this time around, but give the gameplay a chance with this demo.

The demo is available for the PS4 here.