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Have A Look At 28 Minutes Of Corruption 2029 Gameplay


Corruption 2029 is the new strategy tactics game by Bearded Ladies, the makers of Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden. Set in a near-future dystopia of a corrupted America, you lead a team of augmented soldiers to discover this source of corruption, and that involves killing a bunch of soldiers.

This new video is essentially a Let’s Play, about 28 minutes long, featuring the developers walking us through an early mission of Corruption 2029. If you’ve played Mutant Year Zero before, you’ll be glad to know that you can still sneak around the engagement area before commencing combat. Unlike Mutant Year Zero, Corruption 2029 should be balanced to allow both stealth combat as well as loud combat.

Corruption 2029 will also feature medals- secondary objectives designed to make you take bigger risks. One of the hardest being show off is killing every soldier in only 2 turns. Even the developers didn’t get to do on camera. These missions can be revisited later on, and unlocking medals will offer more rewards such as better weapons.

Have a look at the gameplay video here:

Corruption 2029 will be out on February 17th on PC via the Epic Games Store.