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There’s A Re-Release Of Gran Turismo Sport, But It’s Not Worth The Higher Price


Here’s a weird thing- Gran Turismo Sport has a re-release. Gran Turismo Sport Spec II, as it’s called, is the same game but with all the post-launch updates up to May 2019 bundled up plus 10 in-game cars and 2.5 million credits (in-game money). It’s a good way to get the racing game back into the headlines and possibly get more sales.

But it’s so bizarre because it feels redundant, unnecessary and a bit sleazy.

Here’s the thing, the Gran Turismo Sport Spec II re-release is out on the same day as when Gran Turismo Sport gets entered into the Playstation Hits, which slashes the price permanently to RM79 in Malaysia. The Spec II release is RM129 on PS Store Asia- a RM50 difference for essentially the same game.

And no, the 10 cars and credits aren’t worth the RM50 tag. All of those can be earned in-game. If you think of the bonuses as time-savers or catch-up packs, it still does not justify the price tag. The 10 cars are all of Gr.3, which you can get one as a loaner for free just by picking a manufacturer you like to represent in Sport Mode. And the Gr.3 cars are cheap to get with credits, only 450,000 credits each. If the Spec II release is bundling the hyper-expensive 20 million credits-worth cars like the Ferrari 330 P4 then it’s a different conversation.

The only neat thing about the Spec II release is that for the physical version, it has two game disks containing post-launch updates up to May 2019. But then from the get-go, you’re already missing four months of content available at the time of writing. Heck, the new Spec II intro, which got added in a small (by GT Sport standards) update recently, we’re not even sure if that’s included in the disc! And if the sole appeal of the re-release is having the content from post-launch in a disc, it’s really not a strong argument. And on that line of thinking, it makes no sense to buy it digitally as well.

The long-short of it, if you want to buy Gran Turismo Sport, get the cheaper Playstation Hits version. Gran Turismo Sport Spec II is a more expensive version of the same game with not enough to justify its increased price tag.

That being said, now’s a great time to try GT Sport. As covered in our original review, the racing’s good, the cars look (and more importantly for GT, sound) better than ever. The major sticking point- lack of single-player career and the reduced cars and tracks – are somewhat been addressed via the free content updates post-launch.