Gran Turismo Sport Free Update For November Adds Five New Cars, Plus Its First Paid DLC

Gran Turismo Sport is getting its monthly free update, and it’s a small one. Five new cars are coming to the game.

The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo is an all-electric supercar with sleek looks reminiscent of a Jag and an oversized active spoiler. This was first teased at the Tokyo leg of the now-concluded Gran Turismo World Tour months ago.

Interestingly, the update brings back Ruf. Ruf first appeared in the series in Gran Turismo 2 as a Porsche stand-in. The company makes plenty of cars derived from Porsches so it’s a popular choice when the exclusivity license for the Porsche was still active. The Ruf CTR3 is not based on any particular Porsche model, and it’s good to see the brand still be presented here.

Here’s the full list of cars:

  • Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé ’20 (Gr.X)
  • RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 (N400)
  • Ruf CTR3 ’07 (N700)
  • Toyota 86 GT “Limited” ’16 (N200)
  • BMW M3 Coupé ’03 (N300)

No new tracks this month, so for those that wanted to get their hands on Laguna Seca, give it another month or two.

A few more new races for GT League have been added, as expected.

The update also introduces Gran Turismo Sport’s first paid DLC: the Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge. This is a set of time trials, with the 6-time Formula 1 World Champion giving tips and tricks to be as fast as he is on the game. It is priced at RM33 on the Playstation Store.

The update should be live later today.

Source: Gran Turismo


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