And The Gamer Malaya And Gamer Matters’ Most Disappointing Game Award Winner Is…

Why you do this? The opposite of Most Surprising Game

When a game is being hyped up or marketed oh-so well, it can either lead to great success… or great disappointment. And sometimes, when it’s a sequel to an already beloved game or series, expectations have to be reached.

But these games, did not. Why?

Unofficially called The Daniel’s Trashfire Award for Most Disappointing Game, this is the only sour note about the GM GOTY Awards 2018. We vent our frustrations about the games that we would have loved, but they didn’t. They only broke our hearts.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT made bold changes that failed to capture new fans and alienate the existing fanbase. F1 2018 was alright, but when scrutinisde by a sim racing fan and some already disgruntled F1 fans, it missed its mark. In particular, the state of multiplayer and the lacklustre, although growing, esports scene.

Metal Gear Survive just sucks. And New Gundam Breaker could have been a new clean break for the series but it is just trashfire. But no other trashfire burns the brightest, and longest, than the travesty that is Fallout 76.

Throwing away the bag and data leak kerfuffles, the game itself is released in a mess. It’s broken, requiring patches as huge as the game size on launch. The idea of only having human characters being players leads to overuse of audio logs for storytelling. The map is bigger than Fallout 4, but with only 24 players, it’s as empty and barren as ever. And none of the PVP potential, or survival elements, are good. There’s nothing here that Fallout fans love from previous entries.


Most Disappointing Game Award Winner

Winner: Fallout 76 (Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda)

Dishonorable Mentions: New Gundam Breaker (Bandai Namco), Metal Gear Survive (Konami), F1 2018 (Codemasters), Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Square Enix)

Choice quotes from the deliberations


“Fallout 76. I expected at least Fallout 4 levels of playability. …How bad can it be? Oh boy” -Anan

“I regret spending even a quarter of what I paid [for Fallout 76]. It was RM199 and the next week it went to 90 bucks. I’m still mad!”– Daniel

“It’s just trashfire of more trashfire that keeps on burning and burning as we speak. Good idea, bad execution.” -Meck

“There was no good idea behind any of this. On the plus side, The Outer Worlds!” -Wam

Now that dumpster is out of the way, we now only have one award left: Game Of The Year! Check back tomorrow as we reveal the final award this year.

Check here for the full results of the Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters Game Of The Year Awards 2018.

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