Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Getting New Mode, Will Be Available As A Standalone Purchase

Remember Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, the surprise multiplayer component added free to Ghost Of Tsushima? The game mode will be available to buy as a standalone game ala Red Dead Online.

In addition, there’s new content being added to Legends, all for free.

The new mode, Rivals, is a 2v2 competitive mode where you don’t directly fight each other. Two teams fight against waves of enemies, with dead enemy drops Magatama. Spend these Magatama to drop harm to the competing team like Curses and fires from Hwacha. Spend enough, and you’ll unlock the Final Stand waves. Beat the Final Stand wave before the other team to win.

Essentially, it’s like Destiny 2 Gambit, but without the invading bit.

Alongside the addition of game mode is a new Gear Mastery system. Gear at level 110 will be able to be bonded to a class and activate Mastery Challenges. Finishing these will bump the level to 120, and unlock a second perk slot.

Rivals mode and Gear Mastery will be added on September 3.

On August 20, at the same time as the release of Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut, there will be an update to Legends to fix stuff based on feedback. Plus, new cosmetics will be added based on the cosmetics unlocked from the main game, including from New Game+.

For those whose only interested in Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, you can get it as a standalone purchase for RM89, and you can unlock Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut for an extra RM160 for the PS4 version, and RM210 for the PS5.

The price for Legends plus the Director’s Cut upgrade adds up to RM249 and RM299 respectively. the base price for the Director’s Cut for both PS4 and PS5. Not a bad way to get into Ghost Of Tsushima.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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