Get Ready For Tekken 7’s Story With This Retro Recap

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Get Ready For Tekken 7’s Story With This Retro Recap

Tekken 7 is almost out and to get ready for the upcoming story mode, Bandai Namco has provided a retelling of the past Tekken games with a pixelated style. This is the first part of the recap, chronicling the events from Tekken to Tekken 3. The heart of the Tekken storyline lies with the control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, the organiser of the King Of Iron Fist Tournament which sees a change in management each time a winner is crowned. If you only focused on the fighting and have not kept up with the official lore, it’s a good, and silly, refresher.

Also, various people get thrown off cliffs throughout the story.

Check it out below:

Tekken 7 will serve to be the end of the Mishima saga of family feud, with a dynamic story mode that seamlessly transitions from cinematic to gameplay and back again. Expect more men getting thrown off cliffs and fast beatdowns as it arrives on June for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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