GameTrailers YouTube Channel Bought By IGN- Now Hosting.. Game Trailers

GameTrailers was one of the pioneering video game websites in its heyday. They paved the way for video content before YouTube went mainstream, but in recent years, failed to be profitable enough with the current competition. Sold to Viacom and later to Defy Media before shutting down this February, it is a sad end to a long legacy of game trailers and videos.

However, it seems that after the shutdown of GameTrailers the YouTube channel has been bought by prominent gaming website IGN. According to a post on Patreon by GameTrailers co-founder (and the man behind the silky smooth voice-overs of most GameTrailers videos) Brandon Jones, the Youtube channel and the website link has been bought. The YouTube channel will now serve a purpose of its title- an archive for game trailers. Finally, the name serves its purpose!

Jones wrote about how in their arrangement with previous owners of the site would not allow them the opportunity to post game trailers on that channel. With the prowess and influence of IGN, this can finally be done, as they have done so on their own channel. Instead, GameTrailers in its last incarnation focused on creating unique content with a personality focus.

A new video is up on the channel to describe the new situation:

As mentioned in the video, the remaining folks from GameTrailers pre-shutdown have now banded up as a Patreon-funded group named Easy Allies, in which Jones is now a part of, doing regular content like how they did before with livestreams, podcasts and personality-focused shows.

Aside from hosted in respective publishers and developers’ YouTube channel, look forward to see game trailers being hosted on the GameTrailers Youtube channel.

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