Furi Developers’ Next Game Haven Is Basically “Journey Meets Persona”, Have A Look At Its New Gameplay Trailer

Haven is The GameBakers’ next new game. This is no Furi 2, and the developers have made an outline on how Haven will be distinct from their boss-rush character action game.

In Haven, you play as the couple Yu and Kay as they live their solitary lives in a deserted planet, exploring it everyday. Unlike the intense fights in Furi, Haven’s traversal (taking a page from Journey) and RPG combat (inspired by Persona) is supposed to be relaxing and stress-free.

On the combat, it’s a mix of turn-based and real-time, where you control both characters and actions are based on pressing and holding buttons. It’s not about speed, but rhythm.

Yu and Kay also interact with each other, which you can make conversation choices that will reveal more about the couple, and some other consequences.

And yes, Haven also can be played co-op with another player.

The GameBakers basically described Haven as “Journey meets Persona”, and revealed the many other inspirations they took in creating the game. It’s a lovely read and you can find it here.

Also, there is a lovely new gameplay trailer for Haven, showing all of the mentioned points, to the tune of an original soundtrack by Danger.

Haven will be coming to PS4, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch next year.


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