Haven Is A Co-Op Adventure RPG From The Developers Of Furi

It's not Furi 2, but hey there's co-op

The Game Bakers, the French developers previously known for creating the boss-rush character action game Furi, has announced their new game. Called Haven, it’s an adventure RPG where you can play solo or with a friend, controlling pair of lovers.

“Since most of you know us from Furi, well, it’s not Furi 2,” the press release from the developers cheekily describes it. So no, don’t expect some hardcore character action.

But based on this teaser trailer, the aesthetic of objects with hard colours and a synth-heavy soundtrack from Furi returns. Now with a more feel-good vibe to it.

Haven has been two years in development and set for release on PC (via Steam) and consoles sometime in 2020.


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