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Free Game Alert! Stories: The Path Of Destinies Is Free On Steam For A Limited Time

"The reader ponders: 'Should I be claiming this free game?' Though the answer should be a yes"


Stories: The Path Of Destinies is an action RPG with various branching paths that can lead to different story arcs, endings and weapons. Imagine Shadow The Hedgehog’s branching path structure and you’re not far off, but the game’s light combat and puzzle sequences are good and the narration is excellent. Perfect to play in short bursts.

It is free to keep until May 13th. Just go to the Steam Store link here, login and click install game. It will be added to your library forever.

Stories was also given for free as part of the PS Plus free games lineup for active subscribers in March last year.

The free game is to promote the developers, Spearhead Games’ newest game, Omensight, which can be found here.

Source: Steam blog via Rock Paper Shotgun