Free Game Alert! Road Trip Simulator Jalopy Is Free On Humble Store

Jalopy, a game about driving a car and maintaining on your road trip across the former Eastern Bloc is free on Humble Store for a limited time. Go here, login and claim your copy.

The free version here is DRM-free. You can get a Steam key for the game for $1 USD if you buy it before May 25th.

Jalopy simulates the many different parts inside the car, which you must either repair or replace along your journey. It’s not a fancy car- the game’s title gives it away- and you may have to take part in some shady dealings to get enough money for your road trip.

Publisher Excalibur Games has another road trip game, Road To Guan Dong, coming to Steam Early Access soon. It’s like Jalopy, but you’re traveling across China with your aunt to meet relatives.

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