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Free Game Alert! Galactic Civilizations II Is Free For A Limited Time On Humble Store


Want a 4X strategy game with sci-fi elements, like the good ol’ days of Master Of Orion? Well, that did recieved a reboot recently, but how about Galactic Civilizations II?

If you’re familiar with games like Civilization (which is no way connected to this), then GalCiv II should be up your alley. It’s a space race where you grow your humble civilization, either the human race, the many bizzare alien races, or make your own by mixing and matching traits, to win the game with various victory conditions. It certainly has that ‘one more turn’ vibe, perfect to pass the time during the Ramadhan for Muslims that are fasting this month.

This is the Ultimate Edition, which features all the released expansions.

As always, just go to this link here, sign in, add to cart and checkout. An email with the Steam key will be delivered shortly.