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Free Game Alert! F1 2015 is Now Free on Humble!

Lights out and away we go!


With the 2018 Formula One starting this weekend at Australia, Humble Bundle has the perfect game to give out for free,  F1 2015.

Released back in July 2015, the game is by far the most bare-bones game in the series with no career mode and custom character but what lacks in content makes up with some of the building block of the later series. The weather system is more random than in the latest iteration (you can suddenly have rain in Abu Dhabi in it’s Pro championship mode), along with controls being much easier on the controller than the 2016 edition and the handling model is by far the best among the newer generation of F1 games.

All in all, it’s a free game. A good entrance into the modern F1 game series and who knows? You might be the next F1 eSport Champion!