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Free Game Alert! Crusader Kings II Is Now Free On Steam For A Limited Time

Deus Vult!


Medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings II is now free for a limited time on Steam here. Developers Paradox Interactive is just giving it away for a limited time, so go grab it now here.

For the uninitiated, Crusader Kings II lets you play as character in a medieval dynasty. It has a specific start and end date, and the objective of the game is for you to decide on your own. The most obvious one is to keep expanding your territory until the map is of your own colour and your empire name having the biggest font.

But there is a ton of complexity around it, and it can be overwhelming. There’s a traits system where you can mentor your child successor to be a better leader- and maybe kill off potential successors- including his siblings- to make way for him. There will be backstabs, unwanted pregnancy, groveling at the pope and of course, the titular Crusades where you too can contribute to the effort.

The map is based on real-life medieval Europe where you can play as the King of Leon trying to unite the Spanish people as the Umayyad Caliphate expands aggressively into the Iberian peninsula, or attempt to control the Holy Roman Empire’s massive lands. Or start at newbie Island, a county in Ireland, and attempt to form the nation from the various separate tribes. This guide should be helpful in your first few games, as well as the in-game tutorials.

Or just mod the game into a Game Of Thrones simulation. All the savage parts from that novel and TV series-kinslaying, incest, very tactical backstabbing are all simulated.

The base game allows you to play as a character in Medieval Europe but there are loads of expansions you can pick up, including playing as a Muslim ruler with their own unique gameplay changes.