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Free Game Alert! Claim The Sims 4 For Absolutely Free On Origin Until May 28th


The Sims 4, the dollhouse simulator for role-players and house renovators alike, is free right now on PC via Origin. Claiming it will get you the base game forever.

Just go to your Origin client, or this link, sign in and claim it. You will be reminded of the Origin Vault Basic and Premier monthly subscription, which offers the game and tons more on rotation.

After that, you’re good to go! Though you are now lacking 6 Expansion Packs, 7 Game Packs (smaller DLCs with some added gameplay and content) and 14 Stuff Packs (mostly content additions). But if you’ve enjoyed the many iterations of The Sims before but never got around to the latest installment, now’s your chance to jump in. The game might be five years old now, but the game is still actively being worked on with the occasional free updates and paid DLCs.