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Free Game Alert! Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Unreal By Getting One For Free On Steam Or GOG For A Limited Time

A look back at the birth of the Unreal Engine


Unreal Engine has been synonymous with the almost all the biggest games out there- and for the creators Epic Games, the latest incarnation of the engine, Unreal Engine 4, has been associated with the latest hotness that is Fortnite.

But today also marks the 20th anniversary from the original Unreal Engine release with the first game to use it: Unreal. This was Epic’s first 3D engine, made to compete with id Software’s Quake which ushered in a new age of 3D graphics. Unreal: Gold Edition, the sci-fi FPS developed by both Epic and Digital Extremes (the folks behind Warframe) that later grew into a multiplayer phenomenon that was Unreal Tournament, is now free on Steam and GOG for a limited time.

You can claim it on Steam here (just sign in and click on Install Game) and GOG here (sign in and click Get It Here).

Unreal boasted 3D graphics so.. unreal at the time that they showcased in-game screenshots prominently on the PC boxes. Retrotech connoisseur LGR recently did a retrospective on the game for its 20th anniversary, which should give those not aware of the lineage this game a good rundown on the game’s history as well as showing a lot of the gameplay.