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Frantics Is A Couch Multiplayer Playlink Game, Out Now On PS Store Asia

All you need is a smartphone, and install an app


The PS4’s Playlink catalogue of games has increased by one with the release of Frantics. It is a collection of mini-games for up to four players where you control the game with just your smartphones (though you need to install the Frantics Playlink companion app, available for iOS and Android, first).

Think of it similar to Mario Party-style mini-games (with more skilled involved). Though there will be curveballs where you could intentionally mess your fellow players, like any good competitive couch multiplayer should, or through the sleazy host of the game, Fox. It is similar to Hidden Agenda in which players can get specific motivations, but now wrapped around a silly, fun sets of mini-games.

Frantics is out now exclusively on the PS4. It is digital only, priced at RM79.