Forza Motorsport Explains Monthly Content Additions – Two New Tracks Coming This Year

Forza Motorsport, the new Forza Motorsport launching next week, isn’t just a game, it wants to be a platform. And a blog post and video has been released explaining what to expect from Forza Motorsport each month when it comes to content.

Forza will launch with only 20 tracks, but more tracks will be added in the future. The blog post confirms two more tracks are coming in November and December. November will see Yas Marina, the racing track in Abu Dhabi that has annually host the final race for Formula 1, will be added and it will includes the new hairpin introduced in 2021.

That will mean there’s at least two new tracks and one new layout (the previously promised Nordschleife layout for Nurburgring) are in the works. The cadence won’t be necessarily one new track per month, but expect more tracks “on a regular basis“.

Forza Motorsport will be adding new cars each month. Some cars will be available in the showroom to purchase. Some will be reward cars for finishing the Featured Tour or Open Tour. Plus, for those who purchased the Car Pass, a new car, brand new to the series, will be added weekly for thirty weeks.

Live events will be updated regularly and consists of the following content:

  • Featured Tours
    • Limited-time Career Mode events, new series unlock each week.
    • Finish all four series to unlock a reward car
    • Available for six weeks- removed after two weeks after the end of the tour
  • Open Tour
    • Part of Career Mode, events refreshed every month with specific themes
    • Finish all four series to unlock a reward car
  • Featured Multiplayer (ranked multiplayer with matchmaking)
    • New series cycles each week
  • Featured Rivals (time-limited time trial events)

Although developed by a different team, the Forza Horizon games have been actively supported with monthly game updates with a regular drop in cars. If developer Turn 10 can be transparent and consistent with their regular monthly updates, it should bode well for the game to be in an even better shape in the future.

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Forza Motorsport (2023) launches on October 10 for the Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Source: Forza

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