Forza Horizon 4 Is Adding A 72-Car Battle Royale Mode, Out Tomorrow

please no punterino

Everyone wants to make a battle royale mode. Even… Forza Horizon 4?

On the recent Forza monthly stream, it is revealed that a new mode is coming to Forza Horizon 4- Eliminator. And it’s straight-up battle royale mode. With 72 players in fact.

Cars in battle royales are something familiar. There’s already a car combat battle royale game. But Forza Horizon don’t have guns or cannons. Which makes Eliminator having a cool twist. You still need to race to the center of the circle, but you can challenge a player to a 1v1 head-to-head race. Loser gets eliminated and the winner gets to take the car. Care packages upgrade your car from a level 1 Mini Cooper into something quicker, instead of getting better guns or gear.

Various outlets and content creators already got their hands early on Eliminator. Here’s Super GT playing a few matches and explaining how Forza Battle Royale works.

The Eliminator battle royale mode will be free and will be added tomorrow, alongside the usual weekly refresh. Forza Horizon 4 will also be welcoming the return of Toyota sports cars, starting with the Supra, coming tomorrow as well.


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