Football Manager 2020 Coming Out On November 19th

The new annual entry for Football Manager has a release date. The simulator will be coming out on PC November 19th. This year’s entry to the series is focused on improving the off-pitch managerial aspects of the game.

There is now a Youth Development tab to keep up with young prospects from within the ranks or other clubs. Club Vision makes the chairman’s expectations be more detailed, with more ways for you to be judged while running the blub. You can also set up how much a player is expected to be used on the team with finer granularities. So you can have a long-term plan where a young player works his way up from an emergency backup player to a star player within his later years in the contract. The backroom staff and on-pitch graphics are also getting some improvements.

These are minor additions that will be welcomed by veterans more than beginners. But last year was the big year with swooping changes.

Football Manager 2020 will be out on November 19th on PC (Steam). It will also be a launch title for Stadia. Football Manager Mobile 2020 will be coming out on iOS and Android within the same month, with Football Manager Touch 2020, the more simplified version, will also drop on November 19th on PC, with a Nintendo Switch version coming at a later date.

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