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Firaxis Will Continue Making DLC and Expansions Rather Than Adding Micro-Transactions


Firaxis is one of the few remaining studios that continues to make expansions, a sizeable DLC that not only adds content but enhances gameplay elements of the main game. Thankfully, they will remain doing so without resorting to micro-transactions.

In an interview with Eurogamer, lead designer for the newly-announced Civilization VI: Rise And Fall Anton Strenger has spoken that they are dedicated to their current business model.

“Everyone in the studio here at Firaxis: our love, our passion and our expertise are in expansion packs”.

Despite the statement by Strauss Zennick, CEO of Take-Two (parent company of 2K and Rockstar) that micro-transactions will continue to be a thing, Firaxis will stick to their roots when it comes to additional content.

Firaxis is not perfect with their handling of DLC, however. There were concerns that the Digital Deluxe Edition promising vague extra content while they put out new separate DLCs (they later include all extra DLC currently, from the Poland civ to the Southeast Asian civs Khmer and Indonesia in the Digital Deluxe Edition). But this is a much better alternative than opening loot boxes each turn or buying micro-transactions to add more gold in a civ game.

Source: Eurogamer