Two Southeast Asian Civs Coming To Civilization VI As DLC

Civilization VI continues to be supported. The popular turn-based strategy game has announced two more civilizations you can play as, both hailing from Southeast Asia and have appeared before in previous Civ games.

The first one is returning from Civ IV: the Khmer Empire. Otherwise known as the Angkor Empire, the Khmer has huge advantages in religion growth, including a “religion bomb”- an ability to grab adjacent tiles after plopping a holy site- as well as big bonuses to population growth. Led by King Jayavarman VII, the Khmer also has the Domrey, a unique unit that is an elephant carrying a giant ballista.

As for the second civ, it’s Indonesia returning from Civilization V.  This time they are led by Dyah Gitarja (compared to Gajah Mada of in the previous game- who is Gitarja’s advisor in real life), with bonuses that makes them a coastal powerhouse. Their unique unit and building should be familiar to both Malaysians and Indonesians (given the shared heritage) – the kampung are stronger housing units that are better placed at coastal tiles and jongs are faster frigates- making them one of the strongest civs when settled in island clusters.

These two civs will be available as separate DLCs, or free for owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition. The game will also be receiving another big update that will improve religion and changes to naval UI, which sure will highlight the two civs’ capabilities.

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